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Talent Concept

Summed up the current characteristics of the enterprise, the concept of talent can be determined from the following aspects:

1, is from the corporate high-level on the basic assumptions of people, such as management of X theory and Y theory of human nature hypothesis. Under the two assumptions, the concept of talent is not the same. Not only taking into account the different circumstances of human needs are met also consider the factors that affect the efficiency of people, especially to the later emotional factors are also taken into account, "respect for the individual", "human management" Has become a lot of companies to pursue the concept of talent.

2, from the relationship between the enterprise and the staff on the positioning to determine. The positioning of this relationship in different enterprises of the division of labor, work assessment, pay distribution are reflected. The concept of Japanese companies is "we are the team", and the concept of US companies is "hiring the best talent." In the recruitment selection, the Japanese companies stressed the spirit of cooperation, and the US companies stressed that personal ability. This is the day, the US joint venture in the general manager of the views of the opposite reasons.

3, from the behavior of the staff on the positioning requirements. The most obvious comparison of this situation is the difference between "rational management" and "quick action", or the difference between "observing culture" and "promoting individuality innovation". In such a different concept of talent, the senior management of the talent requirements, selection, assessment methods there are significant differences.

4, from the attitude towards the positioning of talent, such as Haier's "horse does not match", IBM's "internal selection and training." Such as some enterprises, 10 years of continuous work of the staff, without the company's chairman and president of the prior approval, shall not be classified as temporary layoffs and permanent dismissal of the object, so that corporate culture to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff to play a very big role The

The biggest danger of the concept of talent is the continuity of the company's personnel policy. Because there is no clear concept of talent, the company's talent policy will change because of internal or external changes in the environment, and the company's employees do not know what they should be right, the final result is the standard of corporate employees Diversification and variability, resulting in invalid behavior of employees too much, affecting the full play of human resources.

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